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Viva La Jaketopia

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JAKETOPIA is a country on the planet Earth-2, and it serves as the name for my most all-consuming worldbuilding project yet, despite its miniscule place in its own universe. Jaketopia is my pet project where I'm free to bounce around any concept or idea with free rein, where I can manipulate fact according to my will. I focus on two main planets, Earth and Mars. Starting at Year Zero, the dawn of human civilization, stretching into the Greatest War, a nuclear event that forces the human race to the next frontier, the stories and adventures I'll focus on will be majority on Earth, with a few exceptions. After the catastrophe I mentioned above, humanity progresses to its second chapter, one that begins on Mars (Mars-2) and leads into space imperialism.

Despite these sci-fi storylines, every planet roots its beginnings in primal ways. Stone and wheel, fire and cave. Then: tribes, clans, and early empires akin to the Mediterranean, middle eastern, and European ones we are familiar with in our present history existed at one point here, as well. Colonial settlements and similiar periods of revolution occured in countries on Earth-2, as well. This universe is living and breathing, just like ours.

Some key concepts I like to write about are war (expect a lot of war), industrialization/suburbs/the city, robots/advanced technology/scientific experiments, monkeys/animals, and relationships.

This world encompasses civilizations similar to those societies encountered on every corner of our Earth (Earth-1), from all periods of time. There is not one set "aesthetic" or theme. Important information will be on the wiki and on the Jaketopia blog (the notepad) as I post it.

Please bare with me while I build the wiki. There's a lot of information that I'm going to overload to this site.

In the meantime, you can look to the workplace/notepad for any significant ideas I feel like sharing.