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Brief Introduction

15 years old. Born 1/14/2008.

I have a zest for life, a passion for being passionate, and my business is in smiling. Here, take my card.

Likes comics, comedy, writing, animals, etc.

Digging In

I ramble a lot. Big talker. I live in my dreamland. I have a fake country called Jaketopia and it exists in a living, breathing universe. I'm good at entertaining myself. I value all the good things in life. Things I care about the most: family, humor, compassion, the good of the world. Things I look down on the most: lust, greed, etc.

If I was a superhero/vigilante, I would focus 100% of my attention on sex crimes. I would target prostitution, pornography, trafficking, child abuse, various other sexual abuse rings, and I would take them all down. Those syndicates are the world's real-life supervillains. The only time my attention wasn't on that type of crime/sickness would be when I've already handled those issues.

I'm Christian and don't belong to a political party.

Urbanization and industrialization are the hearths of sin and Earth/human destruction. Yes, I understand the irony and hypocrisy.

I'm an optimist 99% of the time. I love laughing, smiling, etc.

Raised/living in the Georgia suburbs.

I have a really great girlfriend who, by the time you're reading this, I've been with for at least one year. Her name is Anna. Hi, Anna. I love Anna.

The Specifics

Favorite comic/piece of media is Invincible. Don't like the TV show. Favorite animals: maltese dogs, shih tzu dogs, etc. Monkeys, like the capuchin, spider monkey, gibbon, etc. Also like cats. + an interest in creatures of the sea/water. Shrimp, crabs, fish.

Favorite movies: Taxi Driver, Full Metal Jacket, Avatar (as well as Avatar 2). Favorite music: Genre -- new wave, rock. Artists (not in order) -- Talking Heads, XTC, The Police, Fiona Apple, MF DOOM, Sade. Favorite books: Comic -- the Invincible series. Regular prose -- TBD. It's been a while since I read a life-changing novel. Send me reccomendations. Author -- Jeff Lemire.

About Site

I used to love web design and HTML. Now I don't code as much. I still enjoy it but I prefer having the most simple concept possible. This page only uses 4 lines of CSS.

You can share my site by copy-and-pasting the code below into your own. It's to share my 88x31 button, which I will also display under this text.